THERION Leviathan II (Limited Edition)
CD Digipak

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1. Aeon of Maat
2. Litany of the Fallen
3. Alchemy of the Soul
4. Lunar Coloured Fields
5. Lucifuge Rofocale
6. Marijin Min Nar
7. Hades and Elysium
8. Midnight Star
9. Cavern Cold As Ice
10. Codex Gigas
11. Pazuzu
Bonus Tracks:

Voir la suite [...]

12. Aeon Of Maat (Alternative Vocals Version)
13. Pazuzu (AOR Version)


With defiant determination rarely found in a metal band, THERION have always and exclusively done what they deemed right. Never did they stick to a successful formula, never did they give in to fickle friends like expectation, commercial aspects or trends. Now, more than three decades into their storied career, they actually do something every fan had hoped for but never actually thought possible. “We wanted to Lire la suite [...] give fans what they want this time,” is how musical mastermind Christofer Johnsson describes the second part in a trilogy of THERION “hit records”. “Leviathan II” is a mystic, melancholic, epic, heavy, orchestral, catchy and atmospheric sonic feast distilling the essence of THERION in magnificent songs!


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