TANZWUT Silberne Hochzeit (FanBox Edition)
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1. Labyrinth
2. Ihr wolltet Spaß
3. Meer
4. Was soll der Teufel im Paradies
5. Der Wächter
6. Niemals ohne dich
7. Lügner
8. Der Arzt
9. Im tiefen Gras
10. Vulkan
11. Dämmerung
12. Nein nein


"Silberne Hochzeit" - that's 25 years of dance-crazy music history re-recorded and combined on one album. Frontman Teufel and his men take us to the beginnings of the band, when they conquered the stages of the first medieval markets in Germany with shawms and bagpipes, and with songs like "Labyrinth" and "Niemals ohne Dich" from their 2nd studio album "Labyrinth der Sinne" caused admiration as well as astonishment. Lire la suite [...] These milestones in the band's history will be available digitally for the first time with the release of "Silberne Hochzeit".

Tanzwut have already belonged to the celebrated elite of medieval rock for a long time, which has now become socially acceptable. The band is characterized by German lyrics, which are sometimes funny, loud and danceable, sometimes serious and profound and often soulful and touching. This great diversity, paired with an incredible joy of playing and a lot of imagination is what makes “Tanzwut” so special.


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