STEVE PERRY Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches)
CD Digipak

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1. Most Of All (Radio Mix)
2. No Erasin’ (Acoustic)
3. I Need You (Acoustic)
4. No More Cryin’ (Acoustic)
5. Most Of All (Stripped)
6. We’re Still Here (Acoustic)
7. You Belong To Me (Stripped)
8. Sun Shines Gray (Acoustic)


Steve Perry revisits several of his favorite tracks, stripping away the grand production touches, taking the songs down to their essence. Presented acoustic and raw (including some in sketch form), tracks like "Sun Shines Gray", "No Erasin'", "No More Cryin'" and "Most Of All" take on new and richer meaning. In this setting, Steve's voice glides out-front vibrant, clear and warm while the lyrics take on greater Lire la suite [...] significance, even more intimate than before.

Produced by Steve and his longtime collaborator and friend Thom Flowers, "Traces (Alternative Versions & Sketches)" offers a fascinating glimpse into Steve's creative process and a deeper understanding into an alredy treasured album.


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