SOULLINE Screaming Eyes
CD Digipak

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1. Your Death (Is My Life)
2. Screaming Eyes
3. Salvation Inside
4. Dragonfly
5. Against Myself
6. Say Just Words [Paradise Lost cover]
7. The Child I Was
8. Stay With You
9. Keep My Last Song
Bonus Tracks:
10. The Curse
11. Truth Will Out


The Swiss melodic death metal outfit SOULLINE is back with its new album "Screaming Eyes" - and it's full of brutal neckbreakers, epic riffs, killer guitar solos, catchy melodies, pounding drums and raw, powerful vocals!

As per their tradition SOULLINE always try to add something new to their sound when composing. Compared to his predecessors, the band took more time for this album production. They Lire la suite [...] even recorded some songs several times in different ways until they found the best solution. So somehow the pandemic (which kept them off the stage) helped the band to make perhaps their best album. After mixing the last 3 albums in Sweden, SOULLINE decided to remain in Switzerland this time, and to work with V.O. Pulver (Destruction, Pro-Pain, Nervosa), which turned out to be a winning choice.


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