SOPOR AETERNUS The Spiral Sacrifice CD

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1. Everything Is an Illusion
2. Where the End Begins
3. There Are Scars in the Evening Sky
4. The Broken
5. I Cannot Go Back to the Way I Was
6. In the Company of Beasts
7. When You Love a Man
8. Through the Forest Wondrously
9. By the Waters of Forgetfulness
10. Ein Freundlich' Wort einst Unverhofft
11. I Am Done with Men
12. Sometimes You Make Me Smile

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13. At Sunset Through the Fields Aflame
14. In the Old House (We Made Out Well)
15. Light in the Attic
16. If I Could Go Back in Time
17. I Am so Glad it's Over
18. Let Me Say It Now
19. Through Your Eyes


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