SHADES OF SYN Rust From Inside CD

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1. In
2. Skill of Roaring
3. Syndrome
4. Disrupted Life System
5. In Death Again
6. Rust from Inside
7. Thanks to Die for Me
8. Sufferblast
9. Once Upon a Star
10. Well Dressed Eradicate
11. With Shades You're Gonna Live


Formed in 2006 at Besançon, France, Shades Of Syn play an at once aggressive and modern music. The band’s style may be defined itself as a sound combination allying extreme metal, melody, frenzy with more and especially a rough rock’n roll touch. Through its texts, the band screams its marked taste for metal, funny and party.

A four titles demo is quickly recorded in May 2007, followed by Lire la suite [...] several concerts. Shades Of Syn enters studio in July, 2009. After some changes of line-up, the band prepares ardently its live set to promote at best their first album entitled "Rust From Inside".


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