SERENITY Fallen Sanctuary CD

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1. All Lights Reversed
2. Rust of Coming Ages
3. Coldness Kills
4. To Stone She Turned
5. Fairytales
6. The Heartblood Symphony
7. Velatum
8. Derelict
9. Sheltered (By the Obscure)
10. Oceans of Ruby


The country of Austria isn't the most well known place to find good metal music. but with bands like Summoning, Woodtemple, and Edenbridge, it's practically hard to ignore the results. The most recent band to enter the mix is Serenity, who had released their first album Words Untold, Dreams Unlived last year. In what can be considered a relatively quick turn around, this year brings forth their latest Lire la suite [...] effort Fallen Sanctuary.

Fans of Sonata Arctica will eat this one up, especially when it comes to the vocals. If not for the liner notes, it would have been easy to confuse vocalist Georg Neuhauser for Sonata Arctica vocalist Tony Kakko. While there are strong similarities between the two bands in that regard, there isn't too much more that can be compared. The music of Serenity relies more on the symphonic elements that are done at a slower pace than most power metal bands. In fact, half of the songs don't truly reach the point of breaking the music speed limit. Nonetheless, the music is very catchy, with songs such as The Heartblood Symphony, To Stone She Turned, and Coldness Kills destined to be stuck in the listener's head for some time. There are ballads to be found on the album, but the most obvious one is Fairytales, which features Elis frontwoman Sandra Schleret on vocals alongside Neuhauser. The song itself is a little over the top, but it works pretty well. The music isn't heavy on solos, but it also isn't doing them just to show off the music skills either.

While Serenity will always be seen as a Sonata Arctica clone to some people, that just isn't the case aside from the vocals. Fallen Sanctuary is a nice blend of symphonic metal with a strong dose of melodic elements. Certainly a band to watch for and definitely a band recommended for Sonata Arctica and Kamelot fans, Serenity is one step closer to making their own mark.


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