SABATON The War To End All Wars (History Edition)
CD Digibook

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1. Sarajevo
2. Stormtroopers
3. Dreadnought
4. The Unkillable Soldier
5. Soldier Of Heaven
6. Hellfighters
7. Race To The Sea
8. Lady Of The Dark
9. The Valley Of Death
10. Christmas Truce
11. Versailles


The new highlight of SABATON "The war to end all wars" will be released as a digibook and contains the history edition of the album.

Since SABATON's inception on the threshold of the 21st century, these fierce Swedes have been conquering battlefield after battlefield - of course, only those musical front lines-and along this intrepid path, the band has practically done and seen it all within the Lire la suite [...] realms of explosive heavy metal.

SABATONs tenth album, "The War to End All Wars" was written and recorded in 2021 during the COVID global pandemic. The band has crafted a concept album of 11 brand new songs that dive deep into previously unexplored atrocities, miracles and events tied to the early 20th century's World War I.


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