RIBSPREADER Crawl And Slither CD

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1. Breeder Of The Dead
2. Horrid Ascension
3. Crawl And Slither
4. Dead Reign Rotting
5. Maggotman
6. Time Heals Only Flesh
7. Cauterized And Lobotomized
8. A Night To Dismember
9. Blödarsjuk


Formed in 2003, Sweden's Ribspreader is the brainchild of prolific metal mastermind Rogga Johansson. Consisting of two previously unreleased EP's 'Crawl And Slither' and 'Blödarsjuk', this release is a killer slab of Swedish Death Metal the way that it was meant to be. Ribspreader showcase ravenous buzzsaw riffs that are sick and disgusting... catchy and melodic, yet brutal and old Lire la suite [...] school to the bone. Foul, rancid, rotting Death Metal for fans of Autopsy, Carnage, Dismember, Edge Of Sanity, Entombed, Jungle Rot, Master, Murder Squad, Nihilist, Paganizer, Revolting and Unleashed


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