PRIMAL FEAR Metal Commando CD Soon!

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CD 1:
1. I Am Alive
2. Along Came The Devil
3. Halo
4. Hear Me Calling
5. The Lost & The Forgotten
6. My Name Is Fear
7. I Will be Gone
8. Raise Your Fists
9. Howl Of The Banshee
10. Afterlife
11. Infinity

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CD 2:
1. Rising Fear
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Second To None
4. Crudify Me


Sit down and get your notebook ready for a quick lesson in serpents - when a snake's skin gets too tight, the creature sheds it. The same snake emerges beneath however now rejuvenated, bigger and ultimately more powerful. This process could also be used to describe Germany's most reliable heavy metal export, PRIMAL FEAR, on their crushing new record “Metal Commando”. The band have cast their old skin to Lire la suite [...] reveal the same relentless unit underneath, however now showcasing their new growth in many directions.

Those who hailed Primal Fear before will surely kneel before “Metal Commando”, and those who aren't already addicted to the southern German's sound, simply now have no reason to not fall for it. The songs are too strong, the hooks too merciless, the refrains too huge - their trademark phalanx of three guitars is too insurmountable and the riffs too unerring to be resisted. “We’re simply an awesome team,” Sinner laughs. The “we” he’s talking about refers to himself on bass guitar and vocals, fierce vocalist Ralf Scheepers, guitarists Tom Naumann, Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson as well as that brand-new whirlwind of a drummer, Michael Ehré.


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