PITCHBLACK Death & Disbelief Vinyl Soon!

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Side A:
1. Loco Motive
2. The World Is Mine
3. Erase My Race
4. El Dictador
5. Crumbling Sands
6. I Live In A Grave
Sibe B:
1. Blood Tracking
2. Deathbed Lullabye
3. We Expire
4. Fra Glemsels Død at Befri
5. The Way It Ends


With two albums on their back (the first one, “Designed To Dislike”, being considered “debut album of the year 2007” at MTV’s Danish Metal Awards), Pitchblack are undisputedly on the top of the Danish death metal scene. Their attraction to the Swedish typical brutality is obvious, but their soft spot for aggressive catchiness and surprising, rapid-fire hooks is what make their approach to the style so special. 2020 Lire la suite [...] is the year Copenhagen quartet return to full-length albums, with “Death & Disbelief”, an effort granted to make Scandinavia shake in its foundations. Eleven tracks of sheers brutality, fast hooks and that sense of metal-no-frills that makes Denmark’s metal so appealing.


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