ORDEN OGAN Final Days: Orden Ogan and Friends
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1. Heart Of The Android ft. Peavy Wagner
2. In The Dawn Of The Android ft. Ross Thompson & Frank Beck
3. Inferno ft. Nils Molin
4. Let The Fire Rain ft. Stu Block
5. Interstellar ft. Andy B. Frank
6. Alone In The Dark ft. Chris Boltendahl & Martha Gabriel
7. Black Hole ft. Leif Jensen
8. Absolution For Our Final Days ft. Elina Siirala
9. Hollow ft. Marc Lopes
10. It Is Over ft. Dennis Diehl
11. Fields Of Sorrow (Orchestral Version)
12. December


"Final Days: Orden Ogan & Friends" is a tribute to the album itself. On each song, vocals are provided by, among others, Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper), Stu Block (Into Eternity), Peavy Wagner (Rage), Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm), Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), Elina (Leaves' Eyes), Leif Jensen (Dew-Scented), Ross Thompson (Van Canto), Giaccomo Voli (Rhapsody Of Fire), Dennis Diehl (Any Given Day), Marco Lopez (Ross Lire la suite [...] The Boss).


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