MOON FAR AWAY Athanor Eurasia (Limited Edition) CD

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CD 1:
1. The Song Of The Five Lakes Watermill
2. The Blank Flag Of The Europe
3. Napadi, Rosa
4. Polia Vy, Polia
5. Lubila Menja Mat, Obozhala
6. Dva Lazyrja
7. The Blueberry Song
8. Intersymbolism
9. Ostavaisja Bely, Knjaz
10. Celebrate!

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CD 2:
1. Steel, Light, Love (Single Version)
2. Velichalnaya
3. Chitin
4. Napadi, Rosa (Single Version)
5. Rose In Hell
6. Celebrate! (Single Version)
7. An Invisible Step Of World History


Thus, "Athanor Eurasia" venerates the tradition of shared space both conceptually and musically. "It is not about country borders or maps, emigrants or geopolitics", stresses Count Ash, the group's masked leader. "We like to think of "Athanor Eurasia" as the first album of Eurasian neo-folk in that it is based on the canons outlined in the West, yet enriched with the ideas and Lire la suite [...] sentiments born in the East. This is how we have been living and creating for many years, feeling complete creative freedom and sharing the fruits of this freedom with others."

Count Ash concludes with Moon Far Away's approach on music: "Creating something that is new in form while adhering to the ancient spiritual tradition is the only way for a culture to exist in time. It is the alchemy of creative process, which, through the use of only the purest, but singularly opposite ingredients, gives birth to something new. And inside that furnace, which continues to cast new meanings and symbols, the flame is still burning …"


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