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1. Lucy
2. I've Been Here Before
3. Can`t Think of a Reason
4. Forgive Me
5. Where I Make No Mistakes
6. Patricia
7. How to Fall
8. Traveling Light
9. Napkin Poetry
10. Trust
11. Another Year
12. She`ll Be Alright


"Napkin Poetry" contains 12 new songs that were mostly recorded live in Ocean Sound Studio on Giske first week in April, 2018. The songs are - with two exceptions - written by Pål Angelskår, while the lyrics are mainly written in two-part with Sjur Lyseid. On the new album you will find more of the catchy, well-arranged pop songs that gave Minor Majority so much radio time in the mid 2000s, but Lire la suite [...] also slow-moving, grand rock songs in the same landscape as Spain and Tindersticks at their most melodic. The band themselves mention The Cardigans, The Jayhawks, Elliott Smith and Neil Young's Crazy Horse as important inspirations. Roar Nilsen's production is open and warm and captures the band Minor Majority more clearly than on previous releases.


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