LOST IN GREY Under the Surface
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1. I
2. Disobedience
3. Waves
4. Shine
5. Varjo
6. Souffrir
7. Stardust - I. The Race
8. Stardust - II. Sand Castles
9. Stardust - III. The Abyss


Followed by the previous album releases, "The waste land" (2019) and "The grey realms" (2017), both which claimed great responses from audiences and media, this new album takes another giant l eap towards even greater musical adventures. The vocalists Emily Leone, Anne Lill Rajala and Harri Koskela play the main characters within the overarching story on the albums, and bring a very own touch to i t through their Lire la suite [...] diverse voice talents.

In recent years these theatrical metal pioneers have proven to be one of the most promising and inspiring acts coming from the Finnish metal scene, electrifying their audiences through their versatile musical storytelling and tremendous sound. Now LOST IN GREY invites you to dive with them "Under the Surface" where music and stories dance hand in hand, and everything is possible. Get prepared for a twisted rollercoaster ride through storms and tides - spiced up with some sparkles of stardust.


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