LONEWOLF Raised On Metal CD

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1. Unleash the Wolf
2. Souls of Black
3. Through Fire, Ice and Blood
4. Raised on Metal
5. Flight 19
6. Extinction of the Stars
7. Evil
8. Skinless Smile
9. No God, No Master
10. Dark World Order


The new album is full of straight, uncompromising heavy metal that has a kind of „back to the roots“ feeling to it. There are fast songs („Unleash The Wolf“, „Raised On Metal“ or „Skinless Smile“) with LONEWOLF‘s typical catchy choruses as well as mid-tempo tracks („Evil“ or „No God, No Master“). There are also epic songs and you’ll also notice different things LONEWOLF hasn‘t explored before.

The Lire la suite [...] main inspiration for „Raised On Metal“ was today‘s world, and the evil and terror that surrounds us. But there was also another huge inspiration, something that makes the band members‘ hearts beat faster: Heavy Metal!

„Raised On Metal“ will especially please fans of Grave Digger, Running Wild and Accept.


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