LONESOME_BLUE Second to None
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1. Face The Fear
2. Body Rock
3. It’s My Time!
4. Blue Like Sapphire (The Flower Of Hope)
5. Mine
6. Hide And Seek
7. Superhero
8. Aurora
9. Blind In The Chaos
10. Rising Up For Gloria


Japan’s “next generation of hybrid rock band” is ready to set the world ablaze with debut album ‘Second To None’.

Lonesome_Blue merges the worlds of rock, anime and metal like no other band before it. It features anime and video game voice actresses Maiko Nomura and Yuki Hirose on vocals and bass, it has top selling metal guitarist Narumi as part of the band, and includes hard-hitting Lire la suite [...] drummer MIZUKI, who participated in a song used in Naruto: Shippuden.

This unique formation, coupled with their progressive and international sound, has led to the band being tipped as one destined for success in the 2020s.

All songs are sung in English, while some tracks contain parts with Japanese lyrics, like the album’s lead single. The CD edition will include printed English lyric translations and Romaji transliterations of all tracks that feature Japanese lyrics.


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