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1. Fantasyland
2. Cross the Border
3. Undefeatable
4. Harder Love
5. When You Got Nothing
6. Any way the wind blows
7. Yesterdays News
8. Badlands
9. Wild River
10. Criminal Mind
11. Prayer for the Lonely
12. Devil Road


In 2019 the debut album "Attitude" by Lonerider was released, a band that not only features Steve Overland (FM, Solo, Shadowman), Steve Morris (Heartland, Shadowman) and Chris Childs (Thunder) but legendary drummer Simon Kirke of Free and Bad Company fame. The band come across like Bad Company mixed with Shadowman and their debut "Attitude" was loved by many. Lonerider have the feel of that classic Bad Company that Lire la suite [...] we know and love, yet the songs are modern, fresh and vibrant.

This new album boasts 12 new tracks of classic rock in the same vein as "Attitude", well why change a winning formula?


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