KRILLOAN Emperor Rising
CD Digipak

5/5 2 ratings


1. Prince Of Caledor
2. Sons Of The Lion
3. Fireborn
4. Return To Melniboné
5. Emperor Rising
6. Break Of Dawn (Brothers In Arms)
7. Into The Storm
8. Stormlight
9. Angels Sacrifice


Based around the Swedish guitarist Klas Holmgren, Krilloan came into the power metal world with a bang in 2021. Their debut EP ‘Stories of Times Forgotten’ - full of high pitch vocals, soaring guitar solos and thundering drums - made a direct impact on the metal community.

Following the path of the true Gods, they aim to go straight for the heart when it comes to power metal - that is, fast, Lire la suite [...] melodic, anthemic and epic stuff. ‘Emperor Rising’ is written around classic fantasy themes as well as the far future and Krilloan have one goal and one goal only in mind: to bring back the power in power metal with hard-hitting, sing-along, fists-in-the-air hymns!

‘Emperor Rising’ - magnificently illustrated by Alvaro Valverde and featuring some noted special guests such as Matthias Graf (Evertale), Jack Reynolds (Battle Born), Johan Karlsson (Evermore).


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