KLONE Le Grand Voyage CD Soon!

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1. Yonder
2. Breach
3. Sealed
4. Indelible
5. Keystone
6. Hidden Passenger
7. The Great Oblivion
8. Sad and Slow
9. Silver Gate


Known for its trademark dark guitar tones and epic brooding soundscapes, Le Grand Voyage is a dynamic and intense album that explores nine unique landscapes, and switches between dark, luminous, heavy and powerful sounds.

The album is inspired by duality: earthly and spiritual journeys, life and death, resilience and relenting, love and animosity – human nature and all its paradoxes. The ethereal Lire la suite [...] atmospheres combine with riffs that recall 2012 album The Dreamer's Hideaway, and creates a natural evolution from 2015's Here Comes the Sun, evident in songs such as Sealed, Silver Gate and Hidden Passenger.

The drums - recorded by Morgan Berthet (Myrath) - add to the record's massive and airy sound. The artwork by Francesco Dell'Orto partners the music with a striking and detached viewpoint between two worlds as similar as they are different, putting into perspective the world that surrounds us.



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