KETZER Cloud Collider CD

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1. The Machine
2. Keine Angst
3. Walls
4. Cloud Collider
5. Forever Death
6. The Wind Brings Them Horses
7. No Stories Left
8. This Knife Won't Stay Clean Today
9. (The Taste Of) Rust and Bone
10. Light Dies Last


For three years now the band has been working on something new, and the result is something new indeed: Somehow linking all trademarks essential to the sound of Ketzer now and then, but taking it all one big step further, these new tunes might well be the strongest Ketzer songs to date. Recorded at Markus Stock's infamous "Klangschmiede Studio E" as well as Laurent Teubls "Sculpt Sound Lire la suite [...] Studios" in autumn 2018, the new Ketzer album has it all: raging drum beats and thrashing riffs as well as epic melodies that will haunt you long after the last tone has faded away. Fans can expect a special highlight on the album's first single "No Stories Left", to which the legendary Proscriptor McGovern of Absu fame has lent his striking voice. A suitable visual expression for this new effort has been found by cover artist Adam Burke and illustrator Johannes Stahl. The pact is strong and this album is a storm. The Queen of Winds!



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