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1. The Reign
2. Burn It Down
3. King Of The Letdown
4. Remember Me
5. Too Late
6. Another Way Out
7. Making It Hard
8. Drink You Away
9. Play To Win
10. Long Gone
11. Loser's Salute


For this album, the band dug deep to try to express the emotional struggle of the rock and roll life. They explain: "The constant emotional expenditure that an artist must do in order to always be creating and the ups and downs of a career in music tends to lead to substance abuse and suicides. Unfortunately, the world has lost way too many music legends this way. Overall, this album is definitely darker and Lire la suite [...] heavier than most of the past HINDER albums. However, for our old-school fans, it also has a few songs that have that signature 'HINDER' sound."


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