HELLSPIKE Dynasties of Decay
CD Jewel case

3.0/5 (1 vote)


1. Dynasties of Decay
2. They Live
3. Gone to Waste
4. Hegemony Defied
5. Divide to Rule
6. On Through the Times (Instrumental)
7. Ruthless Invasion
8. Lost Reality


Second album of the Portuguese Speed/Thrash Metal band, Hellspike.
Uncompromised music, free from market impositions, will take you straight to the metal bravery of the past. Prepare for a deep dive into the NWOBHM sound, merged with the direct relentless approach of the German speed and thrash bands from mid '80s. For fans of Iron Angel, Sodom, Angel Dust, Minotaur, Violent Force, Necronomicon, Running Wild, Lire la suite [...] Grave Digger, Warrant (Ger.), Living Death, Destruction, Sabbat (UK) and Judas Priest.


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