HANGING GARDEN Against the Dying of the Light (EP)
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1. At Close of Day (Into That Good Night)
2. Perdition Melody (Rain)
3. Welkin Aflame
4. Shadow Composite (Anamnesis)
5. Chance Encounters (Navigator)
6. A Song for Those Belated (Rain)


"Against the Dying of the Light" is a peculiar release, consisting of a new song, alongside completely different approach on a handful of songs from "Into That Good Night". The songs could be called rearrangements, remixes or revisitations, but venture a bit further from their origins. Dark, delicate and violent moods are portrayed in the tracks, painting a picture at the same time familiar, but also a bit different Lire la suite [...] from what one could expect from HANGING GARDEN.

MUSIQUE VIDEO HANGING GARDEN A Song for Those Belated (Rain)

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