GALDERIA Endless Horizon
CD Digipak

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1. Answer The Call
2. Striking The Earth
3. Elation
4. Eternal Paradise
5. Gonna Change It All
6. Come With Me Now
7. Burning Higher
8. Endless Horizon
9. Heart Of Mankind
10. Twenty One


"Endless Horizon" is a pure melodic metal album with 10 songs full of choirs and harmonies. It comes with a massive production, heavy guitar riffs, stunning lead guitars and amazing vocals and choir arrangements. It was mixed & mastered at the Domination Studio by the talented Simone Mularoni, and features an artwork designed by the band's dear friend Felipe Machado Franco, with whom they've created a great visual Lire la suite [...] universe since the band's first album. The band is very proud of the result and for them, this is by far the best album they made together. Seb and Tom worked side by side on songwriting and arrangements, creating something really unique. All songs are filled with the spirit of freedom and unity. The main theme of the album is the awakening of human consciousness, and the emancipation of mankind. It's about the choice we must make to change this world for the better by simply transforming ourselves.


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