FERNDAL Singularitäten CD

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1. Intro, Op. 2.1
2. Im Sternenlicht, Op. 2.2
3. Die Verlorenen, Op. 2.3
4. Bringer der Leere, Op. 2.4
5. Klavierquintett in e-Moll (Mother North), Op. 2.5
6. Zerbrechen, Op. 2.6
7. Sieben, Op. 2.7
8. Serenade, Op. 2.8
9. Distanz, Op. 2.9


Thematically FERNDAL deals with aspects of human freedom and what it makes of it: the result is a mood of hopelessness.
These different aspects show FERNDAL as a young band between traditional Black Metal aggression and the more subtle melancholy of classical music.


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