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1. Intro / Evisceration Conceiving
2. Disemboweled Engorgement
3. Gutted Face
4. Serial Urbicide
5. Deconstructive Parasite
6. Survival
7. Devastation Squad
8. Carnivore Outraged
9. Bloodbath Religion
10. Human Holocaust


Behold the second full-length album of Belorussian Slamming Guttural Sickness Extermination Dismemberment - SERIAL URBICIDE, 40 minutes of Slamming Brutal Death Metal brought to a whole new level. There are no more maniacs or zombies. No more lone serial killers. Things are going global this time. Much more diverse guitar riffs and drum patterns combined with a completely new sound and Marco Hasmann's artwork will Lire la suite [...] make you plunge into the atmosphere of violence, of bloody terror and fearsome slaughter, of death and hatred, of Extermination and Dismemberment. No one will get out alive and be able to breed and produce more filthy animals that have the audacity to consider themselves the crown of nature's creation. For this is no war. This is a slaughter.


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