EVOKEN Caress Of The Void / Omniscient CD

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CD 1: A Caress of the Void
1. A Caress of the Void
2. Mare Erythraeum
3. Of Purest Absolution
4. Astray in Eternal Night
5. Descend the Lifeless Womb
6. Suffer a Martyr's Trial (Procession at Dusk)
7. Orogeny

CD 2: Omniscient
1. Omniscient
2. The Pleistocene Epoch

Voir la suite [...]

3. Vestigial Fears
4. Into the Primal Shrine


As a thick, palatial gatefold 2CD digipak. Disc 1 contains the full-length A Caress of the Void. Disc 2 is the material from the split with BENEATH THE FROZEN SOIL. In total more than 100 minutes of material!
Ever since their inception in 1994 EVOKEN’s genre-defining funeral doom/death metal has stood unmatched in terms of density, darkness, dolefulness. They are, together with THERGOTHON, WINTER and Lire la suite [...] DISEMBOWELMENT, the originators of this scene. A Caress of the Void proved to be the heaviest and most abysmal EVOKEN opus yet. The Omniscient tracks were written before and immediately after A Caress of the Void and can be seen as belonging to the same chapter in the band’s history. The dark and abysmally desolate doom of these hymns are the long, cold nails of death slowly being hammered into your coffin’s lid and it’s safe to say that no fan was disappointed when these two releases came out in 2007 and 2010, respectively.


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