EQUILIBRIUM Armageddon (Limited Edition) CD

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CD 1:
01. Sehnsucht
02. Erwachen
03. Katharsis
04. Heimat
05. Born To Be Epic
06. Zum Horizont
07. Rise Again
08. Prey
09. Helden
10. Koyaaniskatsi
11. Eternal Destination

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CD 2:
Armageddon - Instrumental


EQUILIBRIUM are back! Two years after their triumphant fourth album 'Erdentempel', this epic metal outfit returns with their new album 'Armageddon'. Guitarist, composer, keyboarder and lyricist Rene Berthiaume has once more refined their style, adding a darker edge without changing the band's core sound. Still characterized by intoxicating melodies and impressive bombast, Lire la suite [...] 'Armageddon' is more thought-provoking mirrors some currently disturbing world affairs. Fans need not be worried though, because EQUILIBRIUM's amalgam of darker songs and lyrics on the one hand and playful, catchy elements on the other hand takes the band to another level. Absorbing, melodic guitars and keyboards matched with singer Robert "Robse" Dahn versatile voice,the screaming vocals from guitarist Dom R. Crey as well as clean vocals from Rene.This time Rene himself took on the responsibility for the recordings, the mix and the production. Mastering was done by Maor Appelbaum at his mastering studio in Los Angeles. "Never change a winning team" - this motto also applies to the extremely apt cover artwork which has been designed once more by Skadi Rosehurst. 'Armageddon' is ready to continue EQUILIBRIUM's story and to add a new, formidable chapter to the band's discography with it's massive sound, excellent songs and a wealth of different moods. Call them folk metal, viking metal or symphonic death metal, but 'Armageddon', is coming...


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