EPICA Design Your Universe (Gold Edition) CD

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CD 1: Remixed and remastered
1. Samadhi - Prelude
2. Resign To Surrender - A New Age Dawns - Part IV
3. Unleashed
4. Martyr Of The Free Word
5. Our Destiny
6. Kingdom Of Heaven - A New Age Dawns - Part V
7. The Price Of Freedom - Interlude
8. Burn To A Cinder
9. Tides Of Time
10. Deconstruct
11. Semblance Of Liberty

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12. White Waters
13. Design Your Universe A New Age Dawns - Part VI
Bonus track:
14. Incentive

CD 2: The Acoustic Universe:
1. Burn To A Cinder
2. Our Destiny
3. Unleashed
4. Martyr Of The Free Word
5. Design Your Universe


Dutch Metal titans EPICA are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their milestone album "Design Your Universe”. To mark this special occasion, EPICA will be re-releasing this fan-favorite album as a Gold Edition. This edition will contain the album remixed and remastered by Joost van den Broek with updated artwork and a 2nd disc containing newly-recorded acoustic versions of DYU songs.


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