ELUVEITIE Live at Masters Of Rock CD

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1. Ategnatos
2. King
3. The Call Of The Mountains
4. Deathwalker
5. Worship
6. Artio
7. Epona
8. A Rose For Epona
9. Thousandfold
10. Ambiramus
11. Drumsolo
12. Havoc

Voir la suite [...]

13. Breathe
14. Helvetios
15. Rebirth
16. Inis Mona


"Live At Masters Of Rock" shows once again that ELUVEITIE understand how to seamlessly meld unique elements together that may not usually fit. Especially on stage, the various parts morph together powerfully, in an almost spiritual way. The listener is spoiled with a uniquely clear and punchy sound to a unified undertow. The stormy, even primeval power of Melodic Death meets the wonderful, spiritual soul Lire la suite [...] of Folk Metal. The result is thus - original hits that are based on musical class and choruses that are so beautiful and memorable that they take you right back to the distant past of pre-industrial times. "Live At Masters Of Rock" shows the quintessence of a band whose songs are written for the stage and will last


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