ELANE Legends of Andor - Original Board Game Soundtrack CD

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1. Guiding Star
2. Theme from Journey to the North
3. Reedland
4. The Tavern Song
5. The Drinking Song
6. River Narne
7. The Vigilant Woods
8. The Cartographer
9. Isle of Danwar
10. Into the North
11. Entrance to the Mine
12. Borghorn

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13. The Dragon's Tale
14. The Abandoned Tower
15. Castle Song
16. Legends of Andor


6th studio album by fantasy folk act ELANE, describing stories and places from the fantastic world of Andor.

Cooperaton with game devloper and illustrator Michael Menzel. The artful booklet contains many illustrations as well as the imposing cover image by Menzel himself.


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