DRAGONLAND The Power of the Nightstar
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1. The Awakening
2. A Light in the Dark
3. Flight from Destruction
4. Through Galaxies Endless
5. The Scattering of Darkness
6. A Threat from Beyond the Shadows
7. Aphelion
8. Celestial Squadron
9. Resurrecting an Ancient Technology
10. The Power of the Nightstar
11. Final Hour
12. Journey's End
13. Oblivion

13. Oblivion


After eleven years of abstinence, the Swedish melodic metallers of DRAGONLAND are finally back with their sixth album and new strength! Even without new material, the band managed to continuously expand their fan base over a decade and are now ready to take it to a new level.

"The Power Of The Nightstar" is not only the band's longest and most elaborate album to date, but also documents a remarkable Lire la suite [...] artistic evolution. An epic fairy tale, full of heavenly virtuosity and perfect production - in which studio legend Jacob Hansen is not entirely uninvolved as a mixer and masterer. And also lyrically the longplayer leaves nothing to be desired: it is a sci-fi concept album about the story of a people searching for a new home in a hostile universe.

DRAGONLAND and "The Power Of The Nightstar" will sweep you away and take you to a cosmic world full of fantasy and great melodic metal. Even better than ever before.

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