DARE Road To Eden
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1. Born In The Storm
2. Cradle To The Grave
3. Fire Never Fades
4. Road To Eden
5. Lovers And Friends
6. Only The Good Die Young
7. I Always Will
8. Grace
9. The Devil Rides Tonight
10. Thy Kingdom Come
11. Born In A Storm (Romesh Remix)


"Road To Eden" is destined to be another modern DARE classic. Produced by their lead singer songwriter Darren Wharton (ex-Thin Lizzy) at his studio the majestic mountains of North Wales.

The new album has a harder rock edge than previous albums, whilst still retaining the atmospheric sound, and anthemic melodies that has become the bands signature trademark. Road To Eden features ten brand new Lire la suite [...] beautifully crafted songs that captures the very heart of DARE.


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