CRYFEMAL Eterna Oscuridad CD New!

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1. Capilla Ardiente
2. Necra Exequia
3. Insepulto
4. El Retorno
5. Reencarnacion
6. Lapida Condenada
7. Culto A La Muerte
8. Crematorio
9. Eternidad


Cryfemal the Spanish Necro Black Metal Legends who started out in 1998 and who actually are in no need of any introduction for those who’ve been around for a while have now returned with their eigth full length album «Eterna Oscuridad». An album that is from the beginning to the end so pure and remains loyal to its original roots combining the original elements of 90’s black metal with today’s modern Lire la suite [...] sound and this without losing the slightest value in the production. Once again the band managed to surpass their previous work, presenting another masterpiece sounding just as filthy, disgusting, raw, horrifying as the True Cryfemal sound requires! NO BULLSHIT! TRUE NECRO BLACK METAL!


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