CROWN OF GLORY Ad Infinitum CD New!

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1. Emergency
2. Something
3. Let's Have A Blast
4. Emporium Of Dreams
5. Surrender
6. Infinity
7. Glorious Nights
8. Make Me Believe
9. Master Of Disguise
10. What I'm Made Of
11. Until I'm Done
12. Say My Name


It is not an exaggeration to say that the new album "AD INFINITUM" can qualify as one of the most anticipated metal albums of 2020 within the underground scene. The first single "What I'm Made Of", which was released in May 2020, caused quite a stir already and has given a hint of what to expect on "AD INFINITUM”, which is hardly surprising as the band cooperated with such big names as Thomas Plec Johansson, mix & Lire la suite [...] mastering (H.E.A.T., Soilwork, Night Flight Orchestra, Gathering Of Kings, Nocturnal Rites), or Rolf Munkes, co-producer (Crematory), during the production of the album.

"AD INFINITUM" is the result of a band on their uncompromising path starting at the very bottom, that has never let any adversities dissuade them from their love for music and their belief in heavy metal.


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