BRYMIR Voices In The Sky
CD Digipak

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1. Voices in the Sky
2. Forged in War
3. Fly with Me
4. Herald of Aegir
5. Rift Between Us
6. Landfall
7. Borderland
8. Far from Home
9. Seeds of Downfall
10. All as One
Bonus Track:
11. Diabolis Interium (Dark Funeral Cover)


With an acoustic guitar interlude, album opener, title track and ode to heavy metal “Voices in the Sky” prepares the listener for an epic, bludgeoning wall-of-sound with stunning instrumentation, blazing guitars and a performance of the most insane blast beats one could imagine! The outrageous outburst continues with full speed on “Forged in War”, featuring additional vocals of BRYMIR’s live session Lire la suite [...] guitarist Antti Nieminen, who also contributes to folk metal-reinforced “Far From Home”. “Seeds of Downfall”, the record’s most aggressive and gloomy track, doesn’t lack once in the majestic arrangement arena - merging with heroic choirs and, together with “Landfall”, represents the technical brilliance of the unit at its best. Heavily catchy “Fly with Me” proves the band’s remarkable ability to combine immense, clear, earworm choruses with furious growls and heavy breakdowns, while tracks like “Herald of Aegir - a mythology-adorned stance against pollution of our oceans - and “Rift Between Us” approach the more power metal-inflamed facet of the Finnish juggernauts while still rooted in the melodic death metal segment. The excursion continues with heartfelt “Borderland”, featuring intense lyricism underlined by the poem “My Testament” by renowned Ukrainian poet Taras Schevchenko. Voices In The Sky closes with both the nearly eight-minute epic “All as One” and a raging bonus cover of Dark Funeral’s “Diabolis Interium” that hits as grimly as the original. On this 11-track piece, BRYMIR combines the best of their defining elements to a greater good, showcasing that they are at the very top of their game and ready to enter the next level in their promising journey!"


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