TARJA Best Of: Living The Dream (Limited Edition)
CD + Blu-ray Disc Box

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CD 1:
1. Eye Of The Storm (Brand new song)
2. I Walk Alone (Single Version)
3. Die Alive (Alternative Version)
4. Enough
5. Falling Awake feat. Jason Hook
6. Until My Last Breath (Single Version)
7. I Feel Immortal (Radio Remix)
8. Victim Of A Ritual
9. 500 Letters
10. Never Enough
11. Innocene (Radio Edit)

Voir la suite [...]

12. Demons In You feat. Alissa White-Gluz
13. Diva
14. Dead Promises feat. Björn “Speed” Strid
15. Tears In Rain
16. You And I (Band Version)

CD 2:
1. Oasis
2. Sing For Me
3. Anteroom Of Death (Edit Version)
4. In For A Kill
5. Naiad
6. Crimson Deep
7. Mystique Voyage
8. Deliverance
9. Into The Sun
10. Eagle Eye feat. Chad Smith
11. Too Many
12. Love To Hate
13. Shadow Play

"Circus Life"
Filmed 2020, Bucharest, Romania:
1. Mystique Voyage
2. 500 Letters
3. Naiad
4. Diva
5. You And I
6. Love To Hate
7. Demons In You
8. Never Enough
9. Falling Awake
10. I Feel Immortal
11. I Walk Alone
12. Victim Of Ritual
13. Innocence
14. Die Alive
15. Tears In Rain
16. Dead Promises
17. Until My Last Breath
18. Shadow Play

Upscaled / Restored Images:
1. I Walk Alone (Artist Version)
2. Die Alive
3. Falling Awake
4. I Feel Immortal
5. Until My Last Breath I
6. Until My Last Breath II
7. Never Enough (Lyric Video)
8. Victim Of Ritual
9. 500 Letters
10. Innocence
11. No Bitter End
12. An Empty Dream
13. Dead Promises (Lyric Video)
14. Railroads
15. Tears In Rain
16. You And I (Lyric Video)


Tarja has chosen this moment in her life to release her first-ever “Best Of: Living The Dream”. Looking back on 15 extremely successful years of the Finnish singer’s solo career, the Best Of contains not only Tarja’s most well-known tracks, many of them newly remastered at "Sterling Sound", and personal favorites from all six studio albums - 'My Winter Storm', 'What Lies Beneath', 'Colours in the Dark', 'The Lire la suite [...] Brightest Void', 'The Shadow Self' and 'In the Raw' - but also the never-before-heard song "Eye Of The Storm".

The strictly limited 48-page media book contains a second CD with 13 additional tracks and a Blu-ray with the previously unreleased "Circus Life" concert (the complete 2 hour show from Bucharest) as well as a collection of Tarja's music videos.


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