RIOT Live in Japan 2018 CD + Blu-ray Disc

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1. Armor Of Light
2. Ride Hard Live Free
3. On Your Knees
4. Metal Soldiers
5. Fall From The Sky
6. Wings Are For Angels
7. Land Of The Rising Sun
8. Take Me Back
9. Messiah
10. Angel Eyes
11. Metal Warrior

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12. Thundersteel
13. Fight Or Fall
14. Sign Of The Crimson Storm
15. Flight Of The Warrior
16. On Wings Of Eagles
17. Johnny’s Back
18. Bloodstreets
19. Run For Your Life
20. Buried Alive
21. Road Racin’
22. Swords And Tequila
23. Warrior

CD 1:
1. Armor of Light
2. Ride Hard Live Free
3. On Your Knees
4. Metal Soldiers
5. Fall from the Sky
6. Wings Are for Angels - Land of the Rising Sun
7. Take Me Back Messiah
8. Angel Eyes
9. Metal Warrior

CD 2:
1. Thundersteel
2. Fight Or Fall
3. Sign Of The Crimson Storm
4. Flight Of The Warrior
5. On Wings Of Eagles
6. Johnny’s Back
7. Bloodstreets
8. Run For Your Life
9. Buried Alive
10. Road Racin’
11. Swords And Tequila
12. Warrior


Riot (now named Riot V) have been a household name in the scene for over four decades and without a doubt left their mark, inspired countless emerging bands and artists worldwide and are still hungry for more. Don't miss the infectious live atmosphere and relive some of the bands most iconic songs throughout their career.

Recorded at Club Citta in Japan 2018.

MUSIQUE VIDEO RIOT Thundersteel (Live)


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