NIGHTWISH Human. :II: Nature. (Tour Edition)
CD + Blu-ray Disc Digipak

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CD 1:
1. Music
2. Noise
3. Shoemaker
4. Harvest
5. Pan
6. How's The Heart?
7. Procession
8. Tribal
9. Endlessness

CD 2:

Voir la suite [...]

All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World
1. Vista
2. The Blue
3. The Green
4. Moors
5. Aurorae
6. Quiet As The Snow
7. Anthropocene (incl. "Hurrian Hymn To Nikkal")
8. Ad Astra

1. Intro
2. Noise
3. Planet Hell
4. Alpenglow
5. Élan
6. Storytime
7. How's the Heart?
8. Harvest
9. Dark Chest of Wonders
10. I Want My Tears Back
11. Ever Dream
12. Nemo
13. Sleeping Sun
14. Pan
15. Last Ride Of The Day
16. Ghost Love Score
17. The Greatest Show On Earth
18. All the Works of Nature Which Adorn the World: VIII. Ad Astra


As a special, limited release right on time with tour start, on November 18th, NIGHTWISH present the “Human. :II: Nature. (Tour Edition)” as luxurious 2 CD plus Blu-ray Digipak including the recent album alongside the "Virtual Live Show From The Islanders Arms 2021" on Blu-ray! Originally available just as DVD release, and on Blu-ray in Japan, this new edition is the ultimate version to re-experience this unique Lire la suite [...] and magical show NIGHTWISH created after their world tour had to be cancelled.

"This is definitely one of the coolest things NIGHTWISH has ever done", the band comments. "Entwining visual elements, technology and music in such an extraordinary way offers aunique experience to us all."


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