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1. Dying Breed
2. Hellfire
3. Blast Me Up
4. Nobody Can Change
5. Like Me
6. All Angels Have Gone
7. We Are The Mayhem
8. Rock Radio
9. Public Enemy
10. A Call From The Inside


Founded in 2006 in the French Alps, the four band members know after five albums and countless concerts in France, Europe and even Japan and Tunisia that the coming months could undoubtedly mean a huge step in their career. During their hard and rocky way in the world of Rock´n`Roll Blackrain have met and played with many well-known bands like Europe, Papa Roach, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Steel Panther or Ugly Kid Lire la suite [...] Joe. The French television show "France's Got Talent"; has also given them the chance to make themselves known to millions of viewers in their home country with memorable appearances on the first and last programmes. With songs composed and recorded in Sweden - where frontman Swan lives - her new album Dying Breed is a kind of counter-reaction to the development of the music business. Permanently surrounded by electro-pop and R´n`B, shaken by the death of many of their idols who have written rock history, and permanently in the discussion about their supposedly old-fashioned long hair, the four musicians increasingly feel themselves to be a dying race, "the last of their kind" as it says in their new song.


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