BATTLE BORN Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel
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1. Wind Caller
2. Dragon Heart
3. Blood And Fire
4. Power Force
5. When Empires Die
6. The Endless Grey
7. Fire Storm
8. Down Your Drinks And Raise Your Swords
9. Meridia
10. Ride North For Winterhold
11. Sky Guard You


BATTLE BORN has garnered a dedicated following in the burgeoning UK power metal scene and beyond for their approach to both storytelling and songcraft. Previously released singles in the form of Bring the Metal Back and album track Fire Storm showcased BATTLE BORN as a step ahead of genre traditionalists, with wide eyed theatricality and grandiose flair being put at the forefront of their sound.

With Lire la suite [...] production and engineering credits including Kurt Fagan at The Ranch Production House and mixing and mastering by Orden Ogan’s Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann at Greenman Studios, BATTLE BORN’s affinity for European power metal is evident across the 11 tracks on offer. Listen to their foray into balladry on The Endless Grey or late album mini-epic Ride North for Winterhold’s majesty, with an emphasis on lavish orchestration throughout. BATTLE BORN deftly pay their respects to a long running genre whilst injecting a youthful verve in the process.

Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel is visually captured in eye watering fashion by graphic designer Stan-W Decker (Blue Öyster Cult, Powerwolf, Dragonforce), perfectly echoing the wars waged in the band’s bold and daring world. BATTLE BORN’s Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel is not only an invitation to join forces with the quartet on their perilous mission, it also finally answers the question, “What would Skyrim’s greatest band sound like?”.


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