BARNABAS SKY What Comes To Light
CD Jewel case

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1. What Comes To Light
(feat. Danny Vaughn of Tyketto (The Official)
2. We are electric
(feat. Lee Small - SHY, Phenomena, Lionheart, Sweet of The Sweet and Atack)
3. Till My Dying days
(feat. Roy Cathey of Cold Sweat & THE FIFTH)
4. Circus Of Delight
(feat. Doogie White of Alcatrazz Official, Rainbow, Malmsteen etc.)
5. Take a ride
(feat. Dan Reed of Dan Reed Network)
6. A Dying Song
(feat. Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (artist page) of Lazarus Dream and Devoid)

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7. Isolation
(feat. Deibys Artigas Venegas of PreincarnationPreincarnation)
8. Grant Me A Wish From Heaven
(feat. Jesse Damon of SILENT RAGE & Paul Sabu)
9. One Or The Other
(feat. Alan Tecchio of Watchtower)
10. Seven Wonders
(feat. Dirk Kennedy of Hittman)


At first glance you see (only) the war scenario - and yes, current world events were/are the inspiration behind it. However, you have to look closely, because the quintessence of the motif is conveyed by the sunrise and the cornflowers in the foreground. Cornflowers (which I regularly grow myself, by the way) are a symbol of "hope" and "confidence". In France, moreover, the Bleuet de France ("Cornflower of France") Lire la suite [...] is considered a symbol of remembrance of the countless victims of war.


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