AXXIS Monster Hero CD

4.5/5 (2 votes)


1. Monster Hero
2. Living as Outlaws
3. Rock is My Religion
4. Love is Gonna Get You Killed
5. Glory of the Brave
6. Make Me Fight
7. Gonna Be Tough
8. Firebird
9. We Are Seven
10. Give Me Good Times
11. All I Want is Rock
12. The Tragedy of Mr.Smith

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13. Rock is My Religion (Raw Mix)
14. All I Want is Rock (Raw Mix)


Again, Bernhard Weiss and Harry Oellers are putting their focus on classic Rock songs, a modern production as well as very reflected and up to date lyrics – clear proof that these two musicians still have a lot to say. Timeless and honestly written rock tracks are the soundtrack to "Monster Hero", that has, just like it’s two creative fathers, a very down to earth character. "Our world is influenced Lire la suite [...] by fake news, algorithms and politicians that more look like the wolf in a sheep fur that anything else", Bernhard Weiss says.


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