ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS Translations - Apocrypha Remixed
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CD 1: Translations
1. My Only Son: A Wolf Interlude - Converted By Jayce Lewis
2. Exposed To The Light: Cygnus Aeon - Illuminated By Hiro Peace
3. Become A Warrior: Stormcrow - Transformed By Jayce Lewis
4. Alien Communication: Apocrypha - Transmitted By Burtonomous
5. Left Hand Path: Bells Of Perdition - Evoked By Wiselabs
6. Prowse: Honorée - Elucidated By Abraham Fihema
7. Electroconductor: Keys To The Cosmos - Unlocked By Nucleon
8. Paradise Found: The End Is Always The Beginning - Realized By A.i. Zero
9. Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Wanderers - Summoned By Burtonomous
10. So Luminous: Ghost Heart - Revealed By Jayce Lewis

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CD 2: Apocrypha
1. Ghost Heart
2. The End Is Always The Beginning
3. Apocrypha
4. A Wolf Interlude
5. Honorée
6. Stormcrow
7. Cygnus Aeon
8. Key To The Cosmos
9. Bells Of Perdition
10. Wanderers
11. Sign Your Name
12. Wanderers (John Bechdel Remix)


A 22 track double CD package from US dark rock act Ascension of the Watchers featuring members of Fear Factory, Ministry, Killing Joke, Prong).

CD One features ten brand new remixes, featuring new interpretations of the "Apocrypha" album tracks.

CD Two contains the original "Apocrypha" album from 2020, with an additional bonus remix.

MUSIQUE VIDEO ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS My Only Son: A Wolf Interlude - Converted By Jayce Lewis

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