APOLLO Waterdevils
CD Jewel case

4/5 1 rating


1. Revolution for the Brave
2. Liberate Yourself
3. Buried in a Flame
4. Safe and Sound
5. Fallen Endlessly
6. Crossing the Lines
7. Power
8. Rise Up
9. I need Rock n Roll
10. Chasing Shadows
11. Through the Fire
12. Stop


After more than two decades of contributing with his voice and songwriting on studio albums, finally it is time for Apollo to deliver his first solo album. And it's has been a long road leading to "Waterdevils".

Apollo's career started at the age of 14 when the young Apostolos from Swedish town Borås, inspired by bands like KISS and ALICE COOPER, and he started playing with various bands, as an Lire la suite [...] aspiring guitarist.


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