ANOXIA To The Lions CD Soon!

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1. Origin Of Pain
2. Scaffold
3. To The Lions
4. These Chains
5. Rule The Storm
6. Slavery
7. The Devils Share
8. Bite The Darkness
9. In Eternity


"TO THE LIONS" is in the natural vein of AnoxiAs previous works, not deviating too much from the recognizable AnoxiA-formula of heavy metal. However, this time AnoxiA decided on a more direct and clear edge to the sound, allowing the songs to speak more for themselves. The musical direction bears references to the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer, In Flames, and a lot of classic hard rock and 80s thrash.
Lire la suite [...] /> Guitarist Claus S. Nielsen states: "This time our approach to the writing process was to create aggressive and raw, yet melodic and memorable heavy metal songs that first hit you between the eyes and then stick in your ears! That has indeed been a pleasant journey, however with many a fun detour along the way."



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