ALL OUT WAR Give Us Extinction CD

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1. Give Us Extinction
2. Burn These Enemies
3. Worship the Cancer
4. From the Mouths of Serpents
5. In Praise of Leeches
6. Choking on Indifference
7. Carcass Rot
8. Circling Vultures
9. Ingesting Vile
10. Bodies For the Machine
11. Cybergod (Nausea cover)
12. Repulsive Premonitions


For over 25 years, ALL OUT WAR proves that age has only honed the band’s capabilities on Dying Gods and drove the band to look toward to the next chapter in Give Us Extinction. The band’s first proper full length in seven years. Give Us Extinction continues in the assault, but strives to unleash even more pummeling brutality. Give Us Extinction like the timelessly brutal albums, For Those Who Were Crucified and Lire la suite [...] Dying Gods was engineered and produced by Steve Evetts (HATEBREED, TURMOIL, BURIED ALIVE, SUICIDE SILENCE) and mastered by Alan Douches both at West West Side Studios in New York.


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