ALBEZ DUZ Enigmatic Rites CD New!

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1. Rites of hidden souls
2. Wandering soul
3. Participation mystique totalitaire
4. When the bird fledges
5. Surrender
6. Emperor is blind
Bonus Track:
7. Only lies


"Our new album is like a journey back through time to a more natural, authentical, yet raw sound collage - without neglecting the typical ALBEZ DUZ ingredients. On the other hand there are also some fresh elements, influenced by the glorious early days of Heavy Metal or the time when bands used to put endless , drug-driven improvisations on their records.
There's definitely many things to discover Lire la suite [...] on this album!"

"Enigmatic Rites" was recorded by Eugen Herbst and Julian Müsseler at "Devil's II" studio Berlin and was mixed and mastered at Woodshed Studio by V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress).


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