AFFECTOR Harmagedon (Limited Edition) CD

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1. Overture (instrumental)
2. Salvation
3. Falling Away & Rise Of The Beast
4. The Rapture
5. Harmagedon
6. Cry Song
7. Maranatha
8. New Jerusalem
Bonus Tracks:
9. Harmagedon (Acoustic)
10. New Jerusalem (Acoustic)

+ O-Card Packaging

+ O-Card Packaging


Harmagedon is a concept album and fuses dark apocalyptic scenery with themes of hope and light and features heavy riffs and fast solos, but also has lighter and more fragile moments where the soulful singing of Ted Leonard opens a wide spectrum of vocal harmonies. The lyrical concept is about the Biblical Apocalypse, or End Times. The album will be released in 2012, the year many people believe the world will come Lire la suite [...] to an end. Panic, mayhem and anarchy are to be expected by many, but what will happen? Harmagedon consists mainly out of parts of Biblical text put to music. Without personal color, just the plain text. It's one of many views on how things will end. Or not..... It's up to time to decide.


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